Your program results or policy agenda need to be shared! A well-written, attractive report can help you spread the word about the good work you are doing or your new world changing idea for policy reform. 

You can share existing program data, sources of policy-related data, or ask us to find some. We’ll analyze the data, find supporting literature, and create a focused report, legislator fact sheet, infographic, or policy brief that meets your needs.


Too many presentations are dry, long, and boring as heck. We can help you brainstorm a physical or visual aid to get your point across, develop a gorgeous powerpoint or Prezi, or even design a series of infographics to get traction for your ideas.

Graphic Design
Key decision-makers often face reams of text-heavy reports and briefs. We work with skilled graphic artists who can find new ways to get the point across visually. Having striking, visual reports, presentations, and infographics makes more people want to read them and makes it easier to share ideas digitally. Most importantly, it helps people remember the ideas you believe in and put them into action to make the world a better place.



Visit our Pinterest page to see examples of styles we like and get some inspiration! You don't even need an account.

Social and Digital Media
Getting traction for your work requires tapping into the growing world of digital media. We can provide you with a targeted digital media plan for sharing your program or policy work with social media, influential blogs, and other digital platforms.

If you like our strategy to get your ideas out on digital platforms, we can help prepare, copy, and post it to a variety of sources for you. We’ll even track the expected readership of each source for your foundation reports.