Midwest Advocacy Survey

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When government officials make policies in a vacuum, it’s easy to make mistakes that can harm everyday people. Nonprofits know better than anyone how politicians’ proposals will impact their communities. But some nonprofits are more likely to step into this role than others.

Participate in our 10-question Midwest Advocacy Survey to share what nonprofits like yours need to be more engaged advocates. Participants will receive a free starter calendar with key dates and simple ideas for effective advocacy steps you can take each month.

The questionnaire takes 10 minutes. Answers are completely confidential and will not be linked to you or your organization. The results will also help Dugan Bassett Consulting assess the need for a new network that will help nonprofits contact policymakers at just the right time to inform smart public policy. Learn more below.


Coming in Fall 2018

Who speaks up for your community?                                                       

Decisions are made every day in the state capitol and D.C. that could have a major impact in your community. But nonprofits often lack the time or resources to speak up. Boards and staff may also mistakenly think advocacy is out of bounds for nonprofits.


Imagine knowing exactly when to contact policymakers to share how policies and funding proposals will impact local communities. What if you could reach your congressperson at the touch of a button with language that will resonate with them?

In an effort to provide new ways for nonprofits to increase their impact, Dugan Bassett Consulting is considering a new cost-sharing network of nonprofits.  Our experienced team of advocates will track legislation and regulations, notify you when they will impact your people, and make it incredibly easy to educate policymakers.

Members will be able to choose from two or three levels of services or add from a menu of à la carte services. Membership benefits will be tiered and may include:

·       Weekly or daily, tailored, legislative tracking reports

·       Regular, tailored regulatory reports

·       Recommendations for action

·       Advocacy assessments

·       Staff and board training

·       Templates for media and policymaker outreach

·       Grassroots engagement software

·       Coalition support

·       Assistance with planning and executing lobby days or major advocacy campaigns.

·       And much more.

Sharing back office costs for experienced staff cuts the overhead for individual nonprofits.  Contact Meegan at 773-991-4384 or meegan@duganbassett.com to learn more.


Reach legislators at the click of a button. Join our Beta Testing Team!

Starting in July, Dugan Bassett Consulting is looking for a small group of beta testers to help evaluate our new policy services. Participants will get access to speedy, tailored legislative tracking and tools to make advocacy a snap! A limited number of spots are available. Sign up to learn more here.