State and Federal Policy Research

Want to change the world, but don't know where to start? You'd be surprised how often a small public policy change can change the lives of millions of people! With experts in city, state, and federal policy, we are uniquely positioned to identify policy changes that could help move the needle on your issues. Our team can research community needs and potential policy solutions, or simply research existing policy and suggest thoughtful solutions. We know which decisions happen in agencies or the legislature and can help you develop an effective policy advocacy strategy that can lead to real policy change.

Policy Advocacy Support

Changing the world isn't easy, but together we can make a difference. With several freelancers specializing in public policy, we can help you make waves in the policy world. Our team can develop a ground-breaking legislative or agency policy agenda. From there we can give you the tools you need to build a successful policy campaign, by drafting legislation, or developing effective policy briefs or fact sheets for legislators. We can also arrange for legislator briefings to help get your research or policy priorities in front of key players.

Face-to-face relationship building never goes out of style in the halls of power. No matter the size of your organization, we can also build your presence in Springfield or Washington, building relationships with key decision-makers and lobbying for your priorities and those of the people you serve.

Advocacy Training

Power can come from people or money and we chose people. Lawmakers need to hear from your constituents to make sure our laws reflect the will of the people. Our advocacy trainings prepare volunteers or staff to get out there quickly to make sure the voice of the people is heard loud and clear. We provide training materials and lead workshops to prepare your volunteers or staff to be effective advocates in the state capitol or our nation's capitol.

For Researchers

Don't let your research just gather dust on a shelf. Make sure it gets noticed by the people who can put it into action. We work hard to translate and disseminate your work so it's accessible, without taking a reductionist approach. In addition to providing support sharing your findings through social media, we can help you get your work in front of existing groups that can take your ideas and run with them. We can develop press releases, infographics, policy briefs, and legislator fact sheets to get attention for your research or can identify key meetings or conferences where you'll have an opportunity to influence on-the-ground decision-makers in your field of study.


Services for: Non-profits, not-for-profits, foundations, colleges, universities, research centers, policy centers, and think tanks.