Dugan Bassett Consulting works with non-profits, foundations, businesses, and government agencies to develop effective nonprofit programs and policy strategies, as well as build social momentum for world changing ideas through high impact publications.


Meegan Dugan Bassett

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Meegan has a reputation as a strategic thinker who merges right and left brain thinking. She loves a good challenge and enjoys finding new solutions to social issues. As Managing Partner of Dugan Bassett Consulting, she gets the opportunity to do both regularly.

Beginning in 1998, Meegan has worked in higher education policy reform, workforce development, community organizing, and community development. She is an experienced policy advocate, with twelve years of experience researching and advocating for state policy solutions to community issues. Past projects include successfully advocating for policy changes to make Illinois financial aid more accessible to low-income adults, including over $35 million in increased funding. A former McCormick-Tribune Urban Leadership fellow, she holds a B.A. in Sociology and Spanish from North Park University and a M.A. in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago. Her issue interests include work equity, social innovation, the future of work, civic tech, racial equality, educational access, labor economics, environmental policy, and international economic development. She has served on the boards of The Association of Consultants to Nonprofits and Vanevevhu. Currently, she chairs the board of Foster Progress.

In her free time, she enjoys swimming in Lake Michigan with her daughter, gardening, dancing, reading, and anything that keeps her out of dish duty at home.


Angie Weaver

A former special education teacher and college academic advisor, Angie is thoughtful, speedy, and smart. She provides part-time support to research, program evaluation, and advocacy projects to help with the everyday nitty-gritty details that make the difference between an okay project and a great project. When Angie isn’t playing auntie with her nieces and nephews, she’s busy keeping the Dugan Bassett Consulting team on it’s toes.


Meet a few members of the freelance team...


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Lauren Monaco

After spending her childhood doodling, Lauren now spends her days working as a graphic designer and illustrator.  Lauren is a favorite with the Dugan Bassett team for her impeccable taste, speedy turn-arounds, and pleasant personality. She studied Communication Design at Washington University in St. Louis, and has since moved to Chicago, IL.  When she’s not working, she can often be found trying out different recipes in her tiny kitchen or drawing pictures of food.


Jen Pennock

Jen has fifteen years of experience in local, state, national and international advocacy and government affairs for non-profits, associations, and government.  Jen’s passion and expertise lie in grassroots and grasstops advocacy, utilizing social media to create a larger presence in the circles of influence.   

Known for her competence and sense of humor, Jen loves to train advocates and empower them to educate policymakers about the issues critical to their constituents.  She helps organizations build up an advocate base intent on developing long-lasting and fruitful relationships with policymakers.

Tapping her extensive experience planning organizational advocacy days, she provides the logistics, tools, and training needed to maximize volunteer or staff impact in the capitol. With her help, constituents learn how to schedule and conduct legislative meetings in the capitol and district offices, as well as how to stay active as community advocates throughout the year.

Jen has a Master of Science degree in Public Services Management from DePaul University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marquette University. When she’s not working or talking politics, she enjoys spending time with her niece and nephew and watching baseball.


Dannielle Shaw

With a reputation for her no-nonsense attitude and intelligent approach to projects, Dannielle is a project planning and management professional skilled in policy research, volunteer relations, and strategic planning. 

The first decade of her career, Dannielle focused on improving health and educational outcomes for families domestically and abroad as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, policy advocate, and program and project manager. Her recent projects include developing comprehensive program implementation work plans for a parent engagement project launched by a large Chicago-based education advocacy organization and crafting a strategic plan for Freedom Games, a small STEM start-up. 

Dannielle uses insights gained from her broad and varied experience in the non-profit sector in addition to her knack for problem-solving, executive communications skills, integrity, and humor to help organizations bridge the gap between vision and implementation and tap into the potential of volunteer resources.  

Dannielle is an avid consumer of film and pop culture, and also does her best to infuse the values of community, mindfulness, and joy into her life and work. She holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan, a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School, and resides in Oak Park, Illinois.