Q: What happens when I submit an inquiry or call about a project?

A: The Senior Project Manager will contact you directly within twenty-four hours to schedule a time to talk about your project. If you prefer, we can also discuss the details of the project via email.

We will ask you about your goals for the project, your timeline, and the types of services you'd like us to provide. After our initial phone call or in-person meeting we will prepare a proposal. After that has been approved we usually create a contract. Once that has been completed and you are ready to go we can meet with your team for a strategy session or simply start right away, depending on the nature of the project.


Q: How much should I expect my project to cost?

A: Total costs usually depend on the amount of information we are given at the start, the complexity of the project, and in written projects, the rounds of edits.

For written projects, we can provide graphic design and coordinate printing, or you may decide to use your own designers and printers. You may also request a digital media plan. All of our written projects include drafts of social media posts. Projects that include graphic design also always include social media images.

Costs for a very simple publication or strategy session may be only a few hundred dollars. More complicated program design projects or research briefs with several rounds of revisions may cost $7,000 and up.